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What Makes Online Seller Consulting Different

Our primary goal at Online Seller Consulting is to help Amazon sellers navigate the ever-changing Amazon marketplace landscape. There are three ways we do this:

Amazon Seller Consulting

Our team provides affordable, expert Amazon consulting services across a wide range of account setup, account optimization, and account management activities. We believe in transparent pricing and superior communication.

Amazon Consulting Partners

There are a lot of Amazon seller consultants these days, and it is difficult to separate the good from the… let’s just say… less competent. At Online Seller Consulting, we pride ourselves on working with the best. In an effort to provide our clients with the most efficient and cost effective solutions, we work with several different Amazon consultants, each of whom have very specific areas of expertise. We often refer clients with specific needs to those Amazon seller consulting partners who we think can do the best job.

Amazon Seller Resource Center

In addition to consulting, we have found that Amazon sellers are always looking for the most current software, tools, services and information, but that it is often difficult to find without spending hours searching the web. So we have developed our Amazon Seller Resource Directory to aggregate a curated list of the top Amazon seller resources we can find. We also encourage our resource center visitors to recommend resources to us. We do have affiliate relationships with several Amazon seller products and services we believe in, and we earn a small referral fee for referring Amazon sellers. This does not cost Amazon sellers anything, and we are often able to negotiate exclusive discounts for those who visit our resource center.

So, even in cases we introduce our clients to other Amazon consultants, we view our relationship with them as a long-term partnership. If we continue to provide value, whether directly or indirectly , we are confident that Amazon sellers will return to us for other needs or simply to visit our resource center for the most up-to-date list of Amazon seller tools, software, services, and links to valuable content.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.