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How To Improve Amazon Search Rankings

How To Improve Amazon Search Rankings

By Listing Optimization

This post is about how to improve Amazon search rankings. In it, we’ll talk about the importance of Amazon search, and just how big it really is. Additionally, we’ll discuss what makes up Amazon’s search engine, and specific areas to focus on when improving your search ranking.

Most people, including many who are Amazon Sellers, don’t think of Amazon when it comes to search. Instead, they think of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. However, Amazon’s proprietary search engine, called the A9 Product Search engine, is one of the most important because the majority of people who are searching on Amazon are not just browsing, but they are actually looking to purchase. The search engine knows the best products, and heavily favors them in search results. Therefore, rankings for a particular product are critical to an Amazon Seller’s success.

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