Jungle Scout – Amazon Product Research Tool & All-In-One FBA Seller Software

Jungle Scout - Amazon Product Finder & Research Tool

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As a Chrome extension or a web app, Jungle Scout is a comprehensive product research tool that helps you to make intelligent data-driven decisions to grow your Amazon business.

Jungle Scout FBA Seller Software Web App

Jungle Scout Amazon product research Amazon FBA seller software

Jungle Scout FBA seller software is a product database, product tracker, supplier database, keyword scout, sales analytics tool, and inventory manager all-in-one and helps Amazon sellers with the following:

  • Explore Product Niches – Find product ideas based upon supply and demand, and use keyword trends to optimize Amazon listings
  • Discover Products – Apply a wide variety of filters including category, review counts, and average sales
  • Competitor Trends and Consumer Insights – Using Jungle Scout’s proprietary AccuSales algorithm, you are getting some of the most accurate Amazon marketplace data available
  • Track and Validate Ideas – Use Product Tracker to verify product ideas and monitor them over time to assess seasonality or shifts in demand
  • Identify Keyword Trends & Optimize Listings – Use keyword-level insights to build better product listings, increase brand exposure, and drive sales
  • Find Quality Suppliers – Access Jungle Scout’s supplier database of established factories that build products similar to the ones you would like to sell. Check out suppliers, their top customers, and their verified shipping records from all over the world.
  • Personalize Your Customers’ Experience – Use Launch to automate email communications, build promotions, and personalize your customer experience to minimize negative feedback, increase positive product reviews, and up sales velocity.
  • Sales Analytics – Track your Amazon sales data and other key financial metrics.
  • Manage Inventory – Improve your demand forecasting so that you always have enough stock available. View inventory status in real time.

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Jungle Scout Extension

Jungle Scout Amazon product research Chrome extension

The Jungle Scout Chrome extension helps to find and validate Amazon FBA product ideas with accurate Amazon sales data and analysis. Data you can find includes Best Sellers Rank, sales data, Google trend analysis, product data, and more.

Extension populates based on the Amazon product page or Amazon search results page you’re browsing and provides sales estimates, competitive data, and profit projections in real-time.


Extension’s AccuSales data analysis engine provides comprehensive sales data including historical sales and pricing data as well as monthly sales estimates.

Opportunity Score

Extension’s Opportunity Score provides a numeric score that takes into account demand, competition, and listing data to help determine a product’s potential.

Automate Review Requests

Automate requests for product reviews. FBA sellers can send individual requests to all eligible customers directly through Seller Central with one click.

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