ZonGuru – All-In-One Tool for Amazon Sellers

ZonGuru - All-In-One Tool for Amazon Sellers

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ZonGuru - All-In-One Tools for Amazon Sellers

ZonGuru provides a full suite of Amazon seller tools for every stage of your Amazon journey. They include:

  • ZonGuru Chrome Extension – Find your next product to sell
  • Business Dashboard – Analyze your business metrics
  • Your Products – Inventory manager
  • Product Monitor – Instant inventory alerts for your listings
  • Order Monitor – Instantly find the orders you are searching for
  • Keywords on Fire – Find keywords that convert
  • Keyword Tracker – Monitor keyword performance
  • Love/Hate – Learn what people love/hate about similar products so that you can differentiate yours
  • Niche Rater – Research product categories
  • Sales Spy – Find profitable product opportunities
  • Listing Optimizer – Optimize each of your listings
  • Negative Feedback – Address negative feedback quickly and efficiently
  • Email Automator – Automate valid, organic customer reviews
  • IP Monitor – Easily detect and report shady sellers trying to steal your intellectual property
  • ZonGuru App – Monitor your products while on the go; for both iPhone and Android

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ZonGuru Features

ZonGuru Dashboard

Business Dashboard – All Your Important Business Metrics at Your Fingertips

Being able to view your Amazon business’s most important trends and metrics is vital. ZonGuru helps you fully understand how your business is performing and what your business is worth.


ZonGuru - Niche Rater

Niche Rater – Research Product Categories Quickly and Easily

Niche Rater gives you an inside look at product prices, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings, estimated sales, and more for any listing on Amazon. ZonGuru’s Chrome Extension helps make product research a more intuitive process and gives you the tools to make an informed decision on whether or not to invest in a new product.


ZonGuru - Keywords on FireKeywords on Fire – Maximize Sales with the Right Keywords

With Keywords on Fire and its industry leading algorithm, , you’ll gain access to the very best keywords for your listing. You’ll discover which keywords drive the most searches and sales – but most importantly, which ones make the most sense for you to compete for.


ZonGuru - Love / Hate

Love / Hate – The Most Seamless Way to Design the Perfect Product

ZonGuru’s Love / Hate tool takes the guesswork out of product differentiation. It tells you exactly what customers love and hate about a product so you can contact your supplier and tell them exactly what you need to ensure your customers receive the perfect product.


ZonGuru - Email AutomatorEmail Automator – Build and Nurture Customer Relationships Automatically

Better connectedness means better engagement, and Email Automator helps streamline that process. Strategically automated email responses can  help to boost reviews and feedback, build a loyal fanbase, and stay ahead of issues.

ZonGuru - Other Tools

Your Products – Inventory Alerts

Enter your COGS, manufacturer delivery time and shipping time so you can manage your profits and re-order timelines.  Filter by marketplace or see which items are in stock / out of stock. Sort items that have the least stock so that you can prioritize your re-supply.

Your Orders – Find the Order You Are Looking for Instantly

Search or scroll through your orders so that you can quickly reach out to your customers and make sure that they are taken care of.

Product Monitor – Maintain Control Over Your Business

Receive instant alerts on any product review or listing hijacking.

IP Monitor – Maintain Control Over Your Intellectual Property

Easily detect and report shady sellers trying to steal your intellectual property like photos and videos.

Keyword Tracker – Monitor Keyword Performance

Monitor where your keywords rank for important keywords.

Listing Optimizer – Improve Listing Visibility

Instantly analyze visibility for all key search terms to make sure your listing is seen.

Sales Spy – Track Monthly Sales Data for Any Amazon Product

Review sales intelligence pulled from fresh, real data taken directly from Amazon’s API.

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