Sellozo – Fully Automated Ad Optimization Platform

Sellozo - Fully Automated Ad Optimization Platform

price: Starting @ $49 per month; FREE 14-day trial; 20% OFF first month via OSC

Sellozo Tools for Amazon Sellers
Sellozo provides a fully-automated, easy-to-use platform that delivers bulk campaign management and continuous ad optimization, resulting in a better ROI and higher profits. You can save countless hours by easily managing your campaigns, bids, and keywords by leveraging Sellozo’s automated, AI-driven keyword and bid optimization.
Sellozo’s primary differentiator is that it is a FULLY automated software that provides continuous ad automation with the ability to take back control. Tasks like locking in the bid for brand terms, tools that allows for campaign mapping to connect multiple targeting refinements like phrase to exact and keword discovery and bid adjustments for PAT. Sellozo also does not charge on a percentage of spend, which many others do.

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