Helium 10 – 18 Software Tools for Amazon Sellers

Helium 10 - Product Research Tool for Amazon Sellers

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RECENTLY ANNOUNCED: Helium 10 is including their comprehensive Amazon FBA training course, Freedom Ticket, for FREE (a $997 value) with the purchase of a Helium 10 Platinum, Diamond, or Elite membership. See below (at the bottom of this page) for course details.Helium 10 - Amazon Seller ToolsHelium 10 software suite contains 18 powerful software tools that help Amazon sellers to find high ranking keywords, identify trends, spy on competitors, and fully optimize product listings to increase sales.

Helium 10’s tool suite includes:

Product Research

Black Box – Amazon product finder and product research tool

  • Database of over 450+ million products
  • Use smart filters to uncover winning products
  • Search by product category, estimated monthly sales revenue, price, weight, review rating, number of images, and more
  • Reduce manual research from hours to seconds using Helium 10’s multi-factored algorithms
  • Easily sort, save, and organize results

Profitability Calculator – Part of Helium 10’s Chrome extension, factor in product weight, dimensions, unit manufacturing and freight costs, and FBA fees to calculate your bottom line

Trendster –  Visualize sales trends in graphs. Determine in a matter of seconds if a product will have steady sales year-around or if there are major demand fluctuations that could tie up your cash in slow-moving inventory.

Xray – Amazon product research including revenue estimates, price, sales trends, sponsored ad analytics, and much more

Product Launches

Cerebro – Learn From Your Competitor’s Keyword Strategy

Cerebro provides essential data such as estimated exact keyword phrase search volume, estimated broad keyword phrase search volume, and many other crucial data points. It also includes several advanced filters to fine tune your competitor keyword research: (1) narrow or broaden your search, (2) include or exclude specific phrases, (3) capture long-tail phrases with word count filters and many other filters to further sharpen your focus.

Cerebro includes a proprietary Cerebro Product Rank (CPR) formula that leverages its highly accurate search volume data to help get your Amazon product ranking to Page 1 for your desired keywords. Also included is “Cerebro IQ Score”data which shows potential key product opportunities where there is low competition coupled with high search volume.

Cerebro by Helium 10Reverse ASIN Lookup

  • Enter an ASIN to uncover your keywords for both organic and sponsored results and to evaluate highly accurate keyword search volume
  • Discover which keywords your competitors rank for to optimize your listing
  • Determine units needed per keyword to rank on page 1 of Amazon

Follow Up – Fully automated email tool that provides a customizable, effective approach to creating an excellent customer

  • A simple and easy-to-use dashboard organizes all your activity. View orders, set automations, build email templates, manage products, and more.
  • Get customer concerns and issues answered immediately. Follow-up with orders to obtain valuable feedback, improve seller reputation, and eventually—get more sales.
  • Write your own emails or use any of the free templates provided to you by Helium 10 including those written by some of the most accomplished sellers on Amazon

Frankenstein – Keyword processor

  • Take a huge list of keywords (even thousands) and transform it into a more manageable group to use in your Amazon listing optimization efforts
  • Filter and sort your keyword results by using a wide variety of output settings including de-duplication filters, removing unwanted characters and words, and sorting the keywords by popularity
  • Sort your keyword list by frequency to identify which terms show up most often
  • Improve your Amazon product ranking in the A9 search engine

Frankenstein Keyword Processor by Helium 10Keyword Research

Keyword Tracker – Simplify the process of monitoring and tracking your Amazon product rankings

  • Track the organic and sponsored position of your keywords in real-time. Monitor all your selected keywords in one easy-to-view dashboard.
  • Rocket Boost feature allows you to check keyword ranking data for any “boosted” keyword every hour for 10 days
  • Intuitive design and easy-to-use interface
  • Log changes you made in your marketing and optimization efforts to learn what works best
  • Track competition
  • Generate valuable data including ranking, percentage changes, ranking trends over time, estimated monthly searches, and more

Magnet – Discover high-volume and highly relevant keywords for Amazon

  • Largest database of actionable Amazon-related keywords on the market
  • Fine-tune your research with customized search results using advanced filters. Sort your keyword list with criteria that matter to your listing. Filter by word count, search volume, number of competing products, and more.
  • Enter a seed keyword and get back a whole list of relevant alternatives to give your organic traffic a boost

Magnet Keyword Finder by Helium 10Misspellinator – Misspelled Keyword Extractor

  • Take advantage of frequently searched for but commonly misspelled Amazon keywords
  • Misspellinator pulls the most common variations with the highest search volume within seconds
  • Export the misspelled keywords into Frankenstein, our keyword processor tool, to include them in a perfectly curated keyword list

Listing Optimization

Index Checker – Ensure your keywords are being indexed by Amazon

  • Check to see if your product is connected to your best keywords almost instantaneously. Leave out the manual process of checking whether or not your product is being indexed by Amazon.
  • Find out if there are bad keywords that are impacting your product negatively to cause good keywords not to index
  • Enter the product ASIN of any competing product and discover what keywords they’re ranking for or not
  • Enter the ASINs of your competition and quickly discover which terms they do and don’t rank for

Scribbles – Listing optimizer

Designed to prevent you from inadvertently excluding important keywords, Scribbles makes drafting product listings so much easier. It automatically populates a “used keywords” data field as you add a given keyword to your title, description, or bullet points. Conversely, unused keywords that have not been included in your title, description, or bullet points will remain in the “unused keywords” data fields to clearly remind you to include those keywords.

Scribbles allows you to include the best keywords to the front-end and back-end of your product listing to ensure listings are fully optimized, leading to better sales. If you are selling across multiple categories, it also allows you to modify text field lengths so you can use the tool regardless of character limitations in any particular category.

  • Validates that you used as many relevant keywords as possible in your product description
  • Ensures that you used the correct number of keywords if you have specific character limitations to adhere to
  • Includes convenient features to retrieve previous listing drafts and the ability to import listings from your Amazon account

Scribbles Listing Optimizer by Helium 10Ongoing Maintenance

Alerts – 24/7 hijacker and product monitoring

  • Alerts will continually monitor all your ASINs and instantly alert you when another seller attempts to sell counterfeits of your products or usurp your brand authority
  • Alerts provides 24/7 surveillance for an unlimited amount of ASINs and listings. You’ll have the ability to monitor your entire FBA inventory all from one place.

Alerts Hijacker & Product Monitoring by Helium 10

Inventory Protector – Quickly view inventory levels of specific listings on Amazon and protect your listings from malicious competitors or coupon stackers who can wipe out your entire inventory

  • A simple dashboard organizes all your ASINs. Protect your products from being oversold with just a few clicks.
  • Set a maximum order quantity for your product. Stay protected against shoppers who can use discount codes to wipe out big chunks of your inventory during promotions.
  • Some competitors go the extra mile to spy on your inventory levels. Common practice includes adding 999 units of your product into their shopping cart to see if you can meet demand. Limiting the maximum purchase keeps you safe from this shady practice.

Profits – Amazon Seller Analytics – View product list and Amazon account analytics all together in one place

  • View gross revenue from sales and net profit after estimated costs for today, yesterday, the last seven days, or any custom range of time chosen such as monthly or yearly
  • Profits can calculate which Amazon products are increasing in revenue and which are decreasing so you can quickly identify which products are making you money and which are costing money
  • matrix expands on gross revenue and net profit data by adding analytics for the last 30 days, month-to-date, and year-to-date measurements. Additional factors for these contributing timeframes include estimated profits, orders, units sold, ROI, profit margins, promotions, refunds, and your ASIN count
  • Graphs show the days in which your inventory levels were at their highest and lowest as well as highlights top selling products and their sales trends

Helium 10’s Chrome extension provides powerful marketplace insights available directly on your browser.  It consists of the following 5 tools:

  • Profitability Calculator – Part of Helium 10’s Chrome extension, factor in product weight, dimensions, unit manufacturing and freight costs, and FBA fees to calculate your bottom line
  • Xray – Amazon product research including revenue estimates, price, sales trends, sponsored ad analytics, and much more
  • Inventory Levels – Quickly view inventory levels of specific listings on Amazon
  • ASIN Grabber – Copy ASINs in bulk to quickly create targeted ads
  • Review Downloader – Sort and export thousands of competitor reviews to uncover valuable customer insights to help you make your product stand out

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Freedom Ticket Overview

Freedom Ticket, which is now included with Platinum, Diamond, and Elite Helium 10 memberships, is a hands-on, technical run through on how to sell on Amazon (estimated value $997).


Freedom Ticket course list includes:

WEEK 1 – Introduction

  • Module 1 – Welcome to the Freedom Ticket Training
  • Module 2 – The Amazon Opportunity
  • Module 3 – About this Course

WEEK 2 – Amazon & Business Basics

  • Module 4 – Basic Business Requirements
  • Module 4.1 Moving Money Between Countries using Ping Pong
  • Module 5 – Ways to Sell on Amazon
  • Module 6 – Walk Through of Seller Central CAMTASIA
  • Module 7 – Essential Amazon Glossary
  • Module 8 – How Much Money You Need – 1/2 at H10, end is CAMTASIA
  • Module 9 – What To Expect When Your Start

WEEK 3 – Branding, Money & Millions

  • Module 10 – What Can a $5k Investment Selling On Amazon Do
  • Module 11 – Branding
  • Module 12 – Ladder of Loyalty
  • Module 13 – Cash Flow
  • Module 14 – Category Approval
  • Module 15 – Costs to Sell on Amazon
  • Module 16 – Quick Overview of Sponsored Ads
  • Module 17 – Cashflow

WEEK 4 – Picking a Successful Product

  • Module 18 – Introduction to Helium 10 Tools
  • Module 19 – Where to Find Product Ideas
  • Module 20 – How to Do Keyword Research & Pick Products
  • Module 20.1 Product Evaluation Spreadsheet
  • Module 21 – Choosing a Product to Sell
  • Module 22 – The Freedom Ticket Product Test
  • Module 23 – Reviews and Competition Research
  • Module 24 – Using Blackbox to Find Products
  • Module 25 – The Chinese Way of Thinking

WEEK 5 – Suppliers, Orders & Shipping

  • Module 26 – Where to Source Products
  • Module 27 – Finding a Chinese Factory
  • Module 28 – How Not to Get Ripped Off
  • Module 29 – 12 Common Rookie Sourcing Mistakes
  • Module 30 – UPC and Packaging Primer
  • Module 31 – Package Inserts & Product Websites
  • Module 32 – How Much Should Your Order
  • Module 33 – The Purchase Order & Proforma Invoice
  • Module 33.1 – Create Legally Enforceable Purchase Order in China
  • Module 34 – Which Way to Ship
  • Module 35 – Shipping Terms & Problems
  • Module 36 – How to Create a Shipment in Seller Central
  • Module 37 – Verify Your Supplier is Giving You a Fair Price
  • Module 38 – Intro to Shipping Master Class
  • Module 38.1 – Saving Money by Mastering 3 Shipping Terms
  • Module 38.2 – Shipment Modes – Why and When
  • Module 38.3 – Actual Weight vs Volumetric Weight
  • Module 38.4 – 10 Rookie Mistakes you MUST Avoid
  • Module 38.5 – Packing your Products for International Shipping
  • Module 38.6 – Customs Product Classifications Tips & Tricks
  • Module 38.7 – 10 Hacks to Help you Rule International Shipping
  • Module 38.8 – Customs Exams Types and What to Expect
  • Module 38.9 – U.S Import Regulations and Certificates
  • Module 38.10 – Europe Import Regulations and Certificates

WEEK 6 – How to Compete & Win Big

  • Module 39 – Brand Registry & Brand Gating
  • Module 39.1 Trademarks and Patents
  • Module 40 – Tips to Being a Great Seller
  • Module 41 – Prohibited Activities
  • Module 42 – Sales Stopped Checklist
  • Module 43 – Key Ranking Factors on Amazon
  • Module 44 – Breakdown of a Product Listing
  • Module 45 – Using Competitor Reviews to Your Advantages
  • Module 46 – Basics of Getting Discovered on Amazon
  • Module 47 – Keys to Making Sales
  • Module 48 – All About the A9 Search Engine

WEEK 7 – How to Create High Converting Listings

  • Module 49 – Introduction to Product Listings
  • Module 50 – Writing a Killer Title
  • Module 51 – Writing Bullet Points & Descriptions
  • Module 52 – Completing Backend Keywords
  • Module 52.1 – Using Flat Files & Browse Tree Guides in Backend
  • Module 53 – Creating Images that Convert
  • Module 53.1 – Testing & Producing Powerful Images
  • Module 54 – Creating Your Product Listing

WEEK 8 – Ranking, Advertising & Promotions

  • Module 55 – How to Set Up Promotional Discounts & Coupons
  • Module 56 – How to Set Up Giveaways
  • Module 57 – How to Set Up A Lighting Deal & Deals
  • Module 58 – Launching to Page 1
  • Module 59 – Amazon’s Secret Sauce URLs
  • Module 60 – Using Facebook Ads to Launch Your Product
  • Module 61 – Chatbot Basics for Launching
  • Module 62 – The Basics of Amazon PPC
  • Module 62.1 – How to Use Helium 10 PPC Tool
  • Module 63 – How Much to Bid on PPC
  • Module 64 – Product Targeting PPC
  • Module 65 – Setting Up Your Initial PPC Campaigns
  • Module 66 – PPC Campaign Optimization
  • Module 67 – Wrapping It Up

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