SellerExpress – Multi-Channel Marketplace Management Software

SellerExpress - Multi-Channel Marketplace Management Software

price: Starting at £300 per month

SellerExpress Multi-Channel eCommerce Software

SellerExpress multi-channel ecommerce software is a complete package for managing every step of the marketplace sales cycle — inventory management, auto price checking, order fulfillment, customer emails, shipping, currency conversion and more… all in one simple to use software application.

Inventory Management – SellerExpress allows you to list, synchronize and automate your inventory across eBay, Amazon and your own webstore from one central hub, allowing you to save time, maximize sales, minimize overselling and increase profits. When a product is sold on one marketplace, SellerExpress will automatically update your stock levels on all other marketplaces.

  • Automatically synchronize your inventory across all your marketplaces.
  • Enter product information once and list on all your channels.
  • View product info for all marketplaces on a single page.
  • Set the minimum quantity an item must have to be listed on each marketplace. Listings are automatically removed when stock falls below this number helping you reduce overselling and refunds.
  • Set individual shipping preferences for individual marketplaces. Determine which countries you would like to ship to and from which marketplaces.

Order Processing – Amazon and eBay order processing is consolidated in one, easy-to-use screen

  • Orders automatically downloaded from all marketplaces. View and bulk process all your orders on a single screen.
  • View and process orders by zero stock, in-stock or all orders.
  • Batch process orders in a single click.
  • Direct link to order info on Amazon Marketplace or eBay.
  • Shipping status automatically uploaded to Amazon or eBay.
  • Combines multiple orders from same customer.
  • Refunds automatically processed on each marketplace. Refund full order or partial order.
  • Domestic and international shipping settings.
  • Easily search and find old orders.
  • Set-up customised automatic customer emails.
  • Orders appear on dashboard with prompts for orders which may need attention.
  • Create off-line orders for telephone orders, etc.
  • Customisable picking lists, packing slips/ invoices and shipping labels.
  • Allows you to pick by individual invoice or using a picking list
  • Inventory levels automatically updated across all marketplaces.
  • Add seller notes to individual orders for your own reference.
  • Export orders to a spreadsheet for further processing/ purchase ordering

Auto Repricing

Auto Repricing (AKA Intelligent Pricing or Dynamic Pricing) allows you to maximize your sales without sacrificing your margins. The dynamic pricing features put you in control of how your products are automatically repriced on Amazon Seller Central and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).

  • Convert prices from your currency into the destination marketplace currency before repricing.
  • Override auto pricing and manually set price for any item.
  • Set different rules for each marketplace or same for all marketplaces.
  • Dynamic automatic pricing available for Amazon UK, France, Germany, USA, Spain and Italy.
  • Set your bottom/ lowest/ cost or base price so that your price will never fall below this price.
  • Always sell above your minimum profit margin.
  • Set your maximum or ceiling price – never sell above this price. Stops your auto pricing setting prices which are too high.
  • Set maximum price change – this stops other sellers from trying to pull your prices down.
  • Automatically increases your price where possible to increase your profit.
  • Price check used against new i.e. compete against new price on used products if new price is lower than the used price.
  • Take your shipping costs into consideration on price checking. This is particularly important when price checking for international orders.
  • Fastest repricing available from any marketplace software.
  • Set VAT and shipping preferences by individual product formats.
  • View competitor info such as pricing, stock levels and ratings.

Amazon Marketplace Support

SellerExpress is the leading marketplace management software for Amazon and eBay sellers. Import your inventory once and synchronize across your chosen channels, choose what percentage of stock sells on which channels, use advanced auto repricing on Amazon to increase your sales.

  • Bulk import/export, list and edit your listings.
  • Product multi-variations supported.
  • SellerExpress can even help with new product setup.
  • Full-featured multi-currency support.
  • Order processing automation.
  • Amazon European Unified Account support.
  • Synch inventory across multiple marketplaces.


Reports can be generated by date period and are generated in MS Excel format. Multi channel inventory reporting includes:

  • Best Sellers.
  • Low Stock and Products recommended for re-order.
  • Non-movers: products which are not selling and which may need attention.
  • High Quantity Items.
  • Stock Valuation: based on your current number of units and cost prices.
  • Stock per Location.
  • Sales per Country and Value. This one is handy for VAT reporting.
  • Sales per Product.
  • High Margin Products.
  • Missing ASINs: Shows products which may not be listed on Amazon due to missing ASINs.
  • Amazon Errors: Shows products which have been rejected by Amazon and which may need attention.

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