TradeGecko – Inventory & Order Management Platform

TradeGecko - Inventory & Order Management Platform

price: Starting @ $30 per month

TradeGecko is the leading inventory and order management platform for multi-channel and multi-location sellers, with a large number of eCommerce, accounting, and shipping integrations.

TradeGecko’s cloud-based inventory management platform that enables businesses to automate and reduce workflow inefficiencies, through integrating front end eCommerce and POS software with back-end accounting and shipping software. TradeGecko allows SMBs to manage their inventory more efficiently across multiple sales channels and locations, process orders quickly and change the pricing of their products dynamically. It is especially useful if you have stock in multiple warehouses and fulfill both AFN and MFN.

Amazon sellers who have other retail or wholesale channels – like Shopify or WooCommerce – can consolidate their data with TradeGecko and have complete visibility into their inventory, orders and fulfillment, in real time, in one-place.

TradeGecko also supports B2B wholesale and manufacturing/production workflows. Their Founder plan starts from $30/month.

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