Quantify Ninja – Amazon Seller Management Tool

Quantify Ninja - Amazon Seller Management Tool

Quantify Ninja is complete set of unique tools, covering you from every angle.
Features Include:
• Optimize: There is always room for optimizing gains and in many cases it creates a drastic change in the positioning and results of your listing. These tools include Keyword Optimizer and ASIN Hacker.
• Business Intelligence: It is difficult to know how much you actually earn, especially in real time. This is why we developed the following tools for you: Dashboard, Profits Manager, Real-Time Notifications, Orders Data, and RoI Calculations.
• Stop Losses: In today’s competitive environment, you need to minimize the risks from losing money. This is why we developed tools to get money back from Amazon and to allow you to see and stop list-highjacking.
• Add Gains: A set of tools directly aimed at pushing your potential buyers into return buyers and even ambassadors: Automated Messaging, Coupons and a Virtual Salesperson.

Price: $35 – $55 per month.

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