Feedvisor – AI-Powered Amazon Repricer, PPC Management, and Brand Optimization Platform

Feedvisor - AI-Powered Amazon Repricer, PPC Management, and Brand Optimization Platform

Feedvisor is an AI optimization and intelligence platform best suited for large sellers and brands on Amazon. At the forefront of retail innovation managing over $3 billion in customer sales on Amazon, Feedvisor clarifies complex market dynamics into moments of insight and action that enable marketplace sellers and brands a competitive advantage. Leveraging data intelligence and automated action, Feedvisor drives seller success at every e-commerce touchpoint.

Feedvisor Overview

Feedvisor Platform Benefits

  • Enables optimal pricing for your entire catalog, balancing revenue and profitability
  • Enhances product discovery and brand awareness with strategic advertising, effective keyword mining, campaign-specific ACoS strategies, and budget balancing
  • Provides AI-backed managed services for brand presence optimization and tactical execution, as well as content optimization and management

Price Optimization

Feedvisor AI-Based Repricer

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms, Feedvisor analyzes the competitive landscape and continuously optimizes pricing based upon your unique Amazon catalog. Feedvisor Repricer is designed to help large sellers maximize marketplace performance by providing intelligent pricing to ensure you with the Buy Box at the optimal price every time. Feedvisor’s ProductSphere pricing technology identifies your competitors in search and optimizes pricing in real time according to your business objectives such as revenue, profit, or liquidation. Feedvisor has multi-channel capabilities so that you can optimize pricing across your portfolio – Amazon, eBay, and online store.

Advertising Optimization

Feedvisor Advertising Optimization

Feedvisor’s PPC advertising campaign manager and demand prediction maximize ad performance based upon your strategies and goals to create effective campaigns and identify profitable keywords. From a single advertising dashboard, you can create, manage, optimize, and track campaigns including traffic, performance, keyword efficiency, and ad spend.

  • Target the most effective keywords
  • Track MAP violations
  • Monitor performance
  • Increase profitability
  • Decrease return rate
  • Maintain inventory levels
  • Monitor competition

Feedvisor’s advertising solution includes a management services component so that Feedvisor experts can help in the creation, management, and optimization of Sponsored Product campaigns.

Brand Intelligence

Feedvisor Brand Management

Feedvisor’s management services help to set up and optimize product listings, run promotions and deals, create enhanced brand / A+ content, and create display ads.

  • SEO Analysis and Keyword Research
  • Product Listing Creation, Optimization, and Management
  • Amazon Storefront Enhancement
  • Drive Discovery and Conversion
  • Track MAP Violations
  • 360-Degree Campaign Performance Review
  • Monitor Performance
  • Fully Customized Reporting
  • Enhance Brand Reputation

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