SellersFunding – Online Funding & Global Payments Platform for Amazon Sellers

SellersFunding - Online Funding & Global Payments Platform for Amazon Sellers

SellersFunding provides term loans and revenue advances to help ecommerce entrepreneurs fund their growing businesses.

  • 100% Online Access – Sign up and seamlessly fund your e-wallet from your local bank in your local currency
  • Quick and Easy Exchange – Currency conversions within 0 – 2 days and fix exchange rates for up to one year for future payments in different currencies
  • Payments to Over 180 Countries
  • No Hidden Fees

SellersFunding recently integrated support for Shopify sellers to receive funding based on their marketplace data. Now, they are able to lend on Shopify as well as Amazon metrics.

SellersFunding also recently launched SellersFX. Now borrowers who reside overseas but have a US entity can receive funding as well as having the ability to have an e-wallet to support over 30 different currencies. They are able to receive Amazon disbursements and funding into their e-wallet and convert those funds into various currencies to pay their suppliers, send to their local bank accounts, as well as supporting other money movement.

Here are the top 5 ways SellersFX can help your business:

  • Make faster, cheaper and more convenient overseas payments to suppliers
  • Get better exchange rates with less currency risk and lower transaction fees
  • Protect your margins as you grow and do business internationally
  • Secure encrypted data with added checks and screening to give you confidence and peace of mind when making a payment
  • Take the uncertainty out of the cost of future payments denominated in different currencies with an FX forward

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