20 Top Podcasts for Amazon Sellers in 2020

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20 Top Podcasts for Amazon Sellers

There is a long list of resources available to Amazon sellers online, and podcasts rank among the highest in both quality and convenience. Podcasts for Amazon sellers are often hosted by industry leaders or other experts who share information and experiences that can help others in their own Amazon selling journey. Podcasts are an especially good vehicle to deliver information because you can listen to them at any time. For instance, podcasts are great for people who are traveling, or exercising, or working. This ease-of-consumption makes podcasts an ideal source, and, when it comes to Amazon FBA, there is an expansive selection dedicated to helping you establish and grow your Amazon seller business.

We have scoured the web to find the top podcasts for Amazon sellers, and provide them to you here. This is not a complete list, however, and we present it to no you in no particular order. Some of these podcasts cater to beginning Amazon sellers, but others are geared toward high-powered Amazon selling. As such, you’ll find a wealth of wisdom, experience and actionable information that will motivate you and inspire you to work smarter to achieve your Amazon selling goals.

1. SilentJim

Total episodes: 250 – Most recent: January 15, 2020

In this Amazon seller podcast, trusted internet marketer Jim Cockrum and other entrepreneurs discuss the art of starting and establishing a thriving online business. You’ll learn from business leaders who have cut their teeth selling on Amazon FBA, and as a result, have established themselves in the field. Get useful insights from proven Amazon sellers on how to be successful with these informative episodes:

2. Serious Sellers

Total episodes: 102 – Most recent: January 16, 2020

Manny Coats and Guillermo Puyol launched Helium 10, a powerful resource used by Amazon sellers to improve listings and scale up their business. The hosts of this helpful Amazon selling podcast invite experts to share Amazon FBA success stories, and discuss issues including personal growth, goals, and strategies for success. To start, here are a couple of episodes that we recommend:

3. The Full-Time FBA Show

Total episodes: 14 – Most recent: August 28, 2019

The Full-Time FBA Show has a specific goal: scale up your Amazon business to earn full-time income from part-time work. As such, the hosts take you through every step in the process of growing an Amazon seller business. Here, they talk about taking action and utilizing strategies that anyone with some motivation can emulate. Give the Full-Time FBA Show podcast a test drive with these two hand-picked episodes:

4. My Wife Quit Her Job

Total episodes: 287 – Most recent: January 15, 2020

My Wife Quit Her Job is an interview-driven Amazon seller podcast hosted by Steve Chou, who is the husband to a wife who quit her boring day-to-day job in search of something more. In short, Steve invites entrepreneurs who financed their Amazon seller account in a variety of ways. For instance, some budding sellers finance their dream with income from their day jobs, while others quit their jobs and relied on a meager savings and a lot of faith to see them through. In addition, some Amazon sellers have chosen to to finance through the first sales. Find some great inspiration to get you going with these episodes:

5. Women on Amazon

Total episodes: 23 – Most recent: January 10, 2020

Women on Amazon is an excellent podcast about women in the Amazon FBA world. In the same vein, Regina Peterburgsky hosts in this rich examination of techniques, strategies and teachable moments for women who want to transition to selling on Amazon. Learn how to take action with these episodes first:

6. The Amazing Seller

Total episodes: 777 – Most recent: January 14, 2020

Scott Voelker launched The Amazing Seller a few years ago to share tips and strategies for expanding your Amazon FBA business. Since then, the podcast has been downloaded 11.5 million times, thus confirming the critical value of this resource. Scott takes you through all the intricacies of starting and maintaining a successful Amazon FBA business, but also touches on his failures so that you can avoid them. For instance, here are a couple of episodes to sample:

7. AMZsecrets

Total episodes: 99 – Most recent: March 13, 2019

With over 150,000 active listeners, AMZsecrets is said to be one of the fastest-growing podcasts for Amazon sellers. Consequently, it’s primary focus is on tips and strategies related to Amazon selling from entrepreneurs and other successful business leaders. Moreover, they keep you updated with all the latest changes in Amazon FBA policies. AMZsecrets is a great resource for sellers who are past the first phase of their Amazon business, so grab a pen and a notebook, and get ready to learn with these fantastic episodes:

8. FBA All Stars

Total episodes: 211 – Most recent: June 26, 2018

Hosted by Matt Ward, FBA All Stars is all about pushing you forward and helping you achieve your Amazon FBA seller goals. Not only does Matt give you an invaluable view into the inner workings of his Amazon FBA business, but he also discusses case studies of other successful or failing FBA sellers. There are plenty of podcasts that discuss inspirational success stories, but there is great value in examining the failures as well in order to avoid making those mistakes again. For example, try these episodes to start:

9. AM PM Podcast

Total episodes: 194 – Most recent: November 1, 2018

AM PM Podcast is a single source for webinars and discussions focused on Amazon selling. Likewise, this podcast brings some of the most successful FBA sellers from across the globe together to share their experiences. Not only does it discuss how to correctly set up a business on Amazon, but also how to make it ripe for selling at a profit. Check out these episodes for more:

10. Private Label Movement

Total episodes: 20 – Most recent: March 1, 2019

Private Label Movement is aimed exclusively at Amazon private label sellers. The podcast is known for its straight-talk approach, and it’s perfect for getting actionable insights, and not just inspirational stories. Get your Amazon seller feet wet with these episodes:

11. Ask Jordan (Malik)

Total episodes: 119 – Most recent: July 7, 2016

Ask Jordan is hosted by best-selling author and award-winning Amazon seller, Jordan Malik. In it, he helps Amazon sellers with suggestions for creating revenue streams or improving methods of product sourcing and Amazon selling as well as optimizing reputation. Give these hand-picked episodes a listen:

12. The FBA Journey

Total episodes: 5 – Most recent: December 5, 2018

The FBA Journey was started by two friends and business partners who blazed their way through entrepreneurship with Amazon FBA. They made their share of mistakes along the way. Today, they use those experiences to educate and inform Amazon FBA sellers at every level. In other words, they don’t want you to repeat their mistakes! Here are some great places to start:

13. Follow the Data

Total episodes: 59 – Most recent: November 18, 2019

Take a deep-dive into the data in this podcast hosted by Casey Gauss. An Amazon selling expert and founder and CEO of Viral Launch, Gauss draws from extensive data to discuss best practices, new and developing tactics for achieving higher levels of success in the Amazon Marketplace. This is a information-intensive Amazon seller podcast that is perfect for data-driven sellers who want to analyze a variety of tactics related to sales, listing, reviews and more. Here are a couple of great starting episodes:

14. Seller Sessions

Total episodes: 299 – Most recent: January 14, 2020

Seller Sessions claims to be the largest Amazon FBA and Private Label podcast for Advanced Amazon Sellers, and they may well be right. The show’s host is Danny McMillan, co-founder of DATABrill, a firm that manages Amazon PPC and advertising automation for high-revenue brands. This high-impact podcast offers 3 fresh episodes per week of to-the-point insights and information. Here are just a couple of the great episodes available with Seller Sessions:

15. Selling on Azon

Total episodes: 180 – Most recent: November 27, 2015

Selling on Azon is a podcast for Amazon sellers that is dedicated to selling physical products on Amazon. Episodes focus on a wide range of topics including Private Label, feedback and reviews, best practices for listing and much more. Here are some places to begin:

16. The Smart Online Seller

Total episodes: 7 – Most recent: April 16, 2015

Join Justin Balk as he delves into core areas like Amazon FBA Private Labeling, selling online and product marketing strategies that work in this Amazon seller podcast. Here are some episodes worth listening to first:

16. The Smartest Amazon Seller

Total episodes: 34 – Most recent: January 13, 2020

The Smartest Amazon Seller is hosted by Scott Needham. He is the CEO of BuyBoxer, which boasts the largest Amazon Prime product catalog in the entire United States. In this podcast, Scott shares the expansive knowledge and wisdom he has gained in his journey as an Amazon seller. As a result, he strives to help his audience start, grow and expand their online selling business. Each episode provides information that is critical to your success selling on Amazon, and here are a couple great examples to follow:

17. Amazon FBA Seller Round Table

Total episodes: 103 – Most recent: January 20, 2020

Hosted by ECommerce veterans Andy Arnott and Amy Wees, Amazon FBA Seller Roundtable is a weekly live Amazon seller podcast that provides useful tips and tricks that can help you sell almost anything on Amazon. Listening to this podcast for Amazon sellers will most certainly help you in your journey to master the market. Further, they offer free coaching and have a weekly Q & A session that you really shouldn’t miss. Here are two great episodes to sample:

18. Actualize Freedom – Amazon FBA with Danny Carlson

Total episodes: 70 – Most recent: January 6, 2020

Actualize Freedom is an information-rich podcast devoted to getting into as many elements of Amazon FBA as possible. Episodes are long and cover a variety of topics including video marketing, selling wholesale on Amazon, conversion optimization, big data, and much more. Each episode runs through quite a few concepts, but here are a couple of great places to start:

19. The 9-5 to Rich Podcast: Amazon FBA Documentary

Total episodes: 25 – Most recent: January 17, 2020

The 9-5 to Rich Podcast follows the host as he embarks on his journey of starting an ECommerce Amazon FBA business. His entrepreneurial origin story began when he was fired from his job in June of 2018. What’s more, it happened on the same day that he returned to work after the birth of his third child! Rather than find another 9-to-5, he chose to strike out on his own. Listen in on his journey with these episodes first:

20. Reezy Talks – The Reezy Resells Show

Total episodes: 82 – Most recent: January 20, 2020

Reezy talks is an excellent Amazon seller podcast hosted by Reezy, a guy with a fantastic rags-to-riches story, matched only by his astounding work ethic and endless ambition. He started off selling used books on Amazon and has has branched out in many different areas of the platform. There are few Amazon FBA sellers out there who are more supportive than Reezy. In other words, he wants to see you succeed on Amazon FBA. Check out these podcasts to learn a bit more about his approach:

In conclusion, there are a multitude of podcasts for Amazon sellers available to give you a virtually endless supply of experiences, wisdom, information and advice. Our advice to you? Use it. Take the recommendations of the very successful hosts and guests of these Amazon seller podcasts, and use it to start, grow and scale your business today.

Did we miss anything? If so, let us know in the comments below or suggest a podcast here.

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